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Wellness Workshop at Fairmont Singapore

Overcoming the pandemic can take such a toll on your body and mind, hence it is so important to prioritise your mental and physical health, and provide the much needed reset and rejuvenation. With working from home being the new norm, we experience a lack of social interaction and a deterrence from getting the exercise that our bodies and minds need.

Led by accredited Yoga, Pilates and Aerial Instructor, Dawn Sim (That Mom of Four), embark on a journey to nourish the self with a community of like-minded people during this retreat. Through the tailored sessions of yoga practice, gong bath, mindfulness practice, aromatherapy, nutrition talk and more, say hello to a rejuvenated, revived and reborn ‘new’ self at the end of this therapeutic retreat!

Yoga Classes perfectly planned for the best form of rejuvenation. Gong Baths & Aroma Therapy for relaxation & stress relief.

Talks & Workshops about Mindfulness and Nutrition. To guide you towards what's best for your body and mind.

3D2N at S$950 (Single/Pax), S$800 (Twin/Pax)
2D1N at S$580 (Single/Pax), S$490 (Twin/Pax)

*Prices includes all classes + meals + 1 wellness juice per person per day.

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