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Sustainability at Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford

Posted: February 27, 2024
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At Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford, we are committed to constantly redefine our hospitality experience while demonstrating our values towards sustainability.

We aim to achieve our sustainability goals through collaborating with partners to enhance corporate social responsibility, working with our staff to implement green initiatives and inviting our guests to experience our values on sustainability at Fairmont Singapore & adjacent sister property, Swissôtel The Stamford.

Sustainable sourcing

Since March 2020, our Aquaponics Farm has supplied an estimated 30% of vegetables and 10% of fresh fish needs across Fairmont Singapore every month. From 2022, we harvested around 2,300kg of vegetables & herbs, and 950kg of fish from our Aquaponics Farm.

Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford has been awarded Winner in Climate Action Category for the Annual HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards 2020.

Running in its 31st installation, the prestigious annual HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards are designed to recognise hotels in the Asia Pacific region that are creating innovative new methods, strategies and technologies to face today’s sustainable development challenge, while providing tangible examples of sustainable best practices that can be replicated and adapted across the region. Read more here.

Fairmont At Home has actively supplied sustainably sourced produce like organic meat, Aquaponics greens and wellness products to discerning consumers.

Aquaponics Tilapia Farm-To-Table at Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford

Our Aquaponics Tilapa is one of many dishes prepared and served with fresh ingredients sourced from our Aquaponics Farm. Have a taste of these fresh produce used in dishes and beverages at The Stamford Brasserie, SKAIJAAN by Kirk Westaway and Asian Market Cafe and when you attend events at the Raffles City Convention Centre.

Read more on our Aquaponics Farm here.

Community outreach

Community Outreach at Fairmont Singapore Bringing joy to the community

This Christmas, you can bring even more hope for brighter days ahead with a Wishes Start Here Teddy Bear. Available for online purchase at SGD50, all proceeds go to Make-A-Wish® which creates grand experiences that deliver life-changing joy for children with critical illnesses.

At Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford, we’re dedicated to giving back to our community. During SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Jalan Besar’s Partner Appreciation Day, we are pleased to have been recognised for our efforts on our Tree of Hope program! We’re grateful for the dedication of SG Cares and all the amazing organizations making a difference in our community.

Our ‘Tree of Hope’ program is held in collaboration with Beyond Social Services, to support children and youths from low-income families by granting their Christmas wishes and spreading festive cheer. In 2022 and 2023, we have supported 200 children through this meaningful initiative.

Use of eco-friendly products

 Use of Eco-greenchemicals in hotel vicinity Use of eco-green chemicals

At Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford, we have adopted an eco-green cleaning program with approved chemicals that will minimize our hotel’s operational impact on the environment through resource conservation and best practices.

Bathroom amenities

Fairmont Singapore is committed to sustainability and we are working with like-minded partners to minimize environmental impact by providing eco-friendly bathroom amenities.

Le Labo is one of few fragrance houses that is on PETA’s list of cruel-free brands (does not contain animal products nor tested on animals). To advocate sustainability, consumers are encouraged to bring their own empty bottles to refill their fragrances purchased at Le Labo stores.

Both Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford have switched to large amenities dispensers to minimise single-use plastic. In 2023, we diverted 507,079 kg of plastic waste from landfills by switching to larger soap dispensers.

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

We are committed to promoting sustainability in all aspects of its operations.

With the launch of our new Eco Serve line of waterless and cableless “chafing dishes,” we are able to optimize our operations, reduce our carbon footprint, and support environmental protection efforts.

Reduced Carbon Emission At Fairmont Singapore

Through this innovative technology, we have reduced carbon emissions by 5,363kg and saved over 199,680l of water. By eliminating the need for electricity and water, the Eco Serve chafing dishes allow us to operate more efficiently and reduce our overall energy consumption.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the Eco Serve line also allows us to better serve our guests with high-quality, efficient food service. The dishes maintain consistent temperatures for longer periods of time, keeping food fresh and reducing waste. And because they are cableless, we can set up our buffet tables with more flexibility and freedom, allowing for a better overall guest experience.

SwissPro Water Filter located at Raffles City Convention Centre & South Tower of Fairmont Singapore

One-time use bottles are replaced with SwissPro Water dispensers located at Raffles City Convention Centre and guest rooms at the South Tower of Fairmont Singapore. Our switch to the SwissPro Water dispenser has resulted in a 7,228 kg reduction in plastic waste yearly.

Filtered Drinking Water In Guest Rooms at North Tower of Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The Stamford

As a purpose-driven hospitality brand committed to sustainability, the hotel has continuously explored ways to limit environmental impact. Sustainability initiatives include the elimination of all plastic bottled water. Each guest room is equipped with a fresh water dispenser and we invite and encourage you to join us on this green journey by bringing your own bottles for refill or using the glass bottles in your rooms. Our filtered drinking water provides a convenient and eco-friendly option, reducing plastic waste by 17,540 kg yearly. Now you can make sustainable living a way of life even while on the road.

Use of biodegradable cutleries and sustainable disposable containers in Restaurants and Bars

At Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford, we have replaced one-time use plastics straws and cutleries with biodegradable options as we take a step towards building a sustainable future. The plastic-free movement is one of the many sustainability initiatives that Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford have implemented over the years.

Restaurants with buffet menus have multiple Live Stations where dishes are prepared à la minute based on guests’ requests, rather than in bulk. We also partner with Treatsure where guests can opt for buffet-in-a-box at selected days and times to minimise food wastage from our buffet lines.

Using AI trackers from Lumitics, the world’s most seamless smart food waste tracker that tracks all food waste in the kitchen, we were able to cut avoidable food waste at our restaurants. With Lumitics’ food waste management solution insights, we were able to know how much and what food waste our kitchens were generating from the detailed analysis and reports shared. With the insights, we then worked on optimising our production, preserving yield rates, smarter purchasing of ingredients and better menu engineering to avoid further food wastage. Take a look at this technology with this feature by Channel News Asia.

Apart from working with Lumitics, we also turned food scraps into organic fertilizer for the hotel’s Aquaponics Garden – which suppliers herbs and ingredients to our food and beverage outlets.

In 2023, we enhanced our programme through installing a valoriser which converts food waste to 80% water for safe discharge and 20% substrate. The substrate is currently under research and development to be converted into animal feed.

Fairmont Singapore Pawcation Pawcation amenities

One-time use pet amenities are cleaned and sanitised by our Housekeeping department and donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Guest rooms are equipped with energy saving technology Guest rooms and suites are furbished with energy saving technology

At Fairmont Singapore, we understand the environmental impact of our carbon footprints and energy consumption. Our guest rooms and suites are furbished with smart air-conditioning and presence detection that instantly adjust lightings and room temperature when you leave or enter the room.

Resource Conservation

Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford kick started the digital newspaper initiative in February 2015 which saw the availability of online versions of The Straits Times and International New York Times through an application.

This has brought about increased productivity for guest services and housekeeping and reduces hotel waste; with savings of over 4,500 man hours in guests services and 1,800 hours in housekeeping each year. The weight of newspapers saved for both hotels equals to 247 tonnes per year.

As part of our ongoing commitment to resource conservation, we have also implemented advanced measures to accurately monitor temperature and humidity in our guests and meeting rooms, ensuring a comfortable environment for our guests while minimising unnecessary energy wastage.

Temperature Control at Fairmont Singapore, Swissôtel The Stamford and Raffles City Convention Centre

In our pursuit of sustainability, we have recognised the importance of accurately measuring temperature and humidity levels in our meeting rooms. By implementing monitoring systems, we can continually assess the ambient conditions and promptly respond to any deviations. Our team ensures that meeting rooms remain at an ideal temperature, reducing the need for constant manual adjustments and preventing unnecessary energy consumption. This not only saves valuable resources but also enhances the overall meeting experience for our guests.

In addition to temperature, humidity plays a pivotal role in guest comfort and resource conservation. High humidity levels can create a stuffy and suffocating atmosphere, making it challenging for guests to fully enjoy their time in the meeting rooms. Moreover, excessive moisture in the air can lead to the formation of molds, adversely affecting air quality and potentially causing health issues.

By accurately monitoring and controlling humidity levels, we can prevent such discomforts and maintain a healthier environment. Our proactive approach to managing humidity not only ensures guest well-being but also contributes to our sustainability efforts by preventing the need for energy-intensive air conditioning and ventilation.

Read more on our CSR initiative here.

This article was first published on 22 September 2020

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